Our collaborative firm designs and builds engaging landscapes for long-term success.


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"The Tributary team uses a collaborative approach in their work. On many occasions, I've watched them listen to multiple stakeholders to learn from and with them as they consider plans for outdoor spaces. Katherine also engages children in the process. She and her team transform landscapes to enable kids to be in the natural world in ways that make sense to them, in ways that invite them to be active participants in a growing world."

Jocelyn Glazier, UNC School of Education

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"Katherine and Jonah are meticulous and thoughtful professionals who helped transform our land with their design and problem-solving skills. This immense undertaking would have been a real nightmare without their help. I can’t say enough good things about them!"

- Sal Pizzo, M.D., Ph.D

"What impressed us the most is how dependable and dedicated they were! During the construction phase at Watt Montessori Playground, Katherine Gill was on site every day, making sure everything was built to specs. When a hurricane blew through, Jonah and the Tributary team was out there with a backhoe making sure all the rain gardens stayed intact. If it hadn't been for that kind of commitment, the project would not have turned out to be the success it is today."

Robert Meehan and Chris Dreps, Ellerbee Creek Watershed Association

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